Kent Racing Letterhead
Chronology of events documented by Kent Racing and compiled by Peter Cipolla.

Ford issued a Request For Quote to Kent Racing to "Design,                                               November 14, 1983
build, and test 1 Mercury Merkur XR4Ti for competition in the
1984/85 IMSA GTU series".

Kent Racing submits budgetary proposal to Lee Morse at Ford                                            January 26, 1984

Kent Racing receives pricing from Drake Engineering (engines)                                           February 10, 1984

Product Specification completed                                                                                            March 1, 1984

Ford Purchase Order No. 47-G-630506 issued to Kent Racing                                             March 30, 1984

Contract go-ahead from Ford SVO                                                                                        April 4, 1984

Kent issues P.O. to Drake Engineering for engine development                                           April 7, 1984

Telephone conference with IMSA regarding rules                                                                  April 11, 1984

Bob Riley (Ford) design review at Kent Racing                                                                      April 23, 1984

Lee Morse (Ford) visit to Kent Racing                                                                                    April 26, 1984

KR-84-01, first development status report to Ford                                                                 May 2, 1984

Each of 9 progress reports contains detailed information regarding
all activity on the project and typically includes updates in the
following categories:

General - overview of project
Chassis development
Body development
Engine development

Each report includes several (or more) photos.

The reports were written by Harry Haggard, Merkur Project Engineer
at Kent Racing and sent to Michael Kranefuss of Ford SVO.

KR-84-02, second development status report to Ford                                                           May 14, 1984

Tom Logar visit to Kent Racing                                                                                              May 14, 1984

KR-84-03, third development status report to Ford                                                                May 28, 1984

KR-84-04, fourth development status report to Ford                                                              June 11, 1984

KR-84-05, fifth development status report to Ford                                                                 June 25, 1984

KR-84-06, sixth development status report to Ford                                                                July 9, 1984

Bob Riley (Ford) visit to Kent Racing                                                                                      July 13, 1984

KR-84-07, seventh development status report to Ford                                                          July 23, 1984

KR-84-08, eighth development status report to Ford                                                             August 6, 1984

Lincoln-Mercury graphics received                                                                                         August 18, 1984

KR-84-09, ninth development status report to Ford                                                               August 24, 1984

Engine dyno test #1                                                                                                               September 22, 1984
Engine dyno test #2                                                                                                               September 24, 1984
Engine dyno test #3                                                                                                               September 27, 1984
Engine dyno test #4                                                                                                               September 28, 1984

Bob Riley (Ford) visit to Kent Racing                                                                                     October 9, 1984

1st track test at Riverside Raceway, California                                                                      October 9-10, 1984

Merkur XR4Ti introduction to Los Angeles press                                                                   January 3, 1985

Lee Morse (Ford) visit to Kent Racing                                                                                    January 5, 1985
Tom Huchison and Rick Dishaw visit to Kent Racing                                                              January 29-31, 1985
and Drake Engineering

Young & Rubicam graphics received                                                                                     February 8, 1985  

IHI dyno test engine #001                                                                                                      February 14-15, 1985

Track test at Hawthorne police department facility                                                                 February 18, 1985

IHI dyno test engine #002                                                                                                      February 20, 1985

Camel GTU, Miami, FL                                                                                                           February 24, 1985

NOTE:   The races in 1985 were under Ford sponsorship. The
             '87 and '88 seasons were under Dave Kruse Racing.

Track test at Willow Springs Raceway with John Morton                                                        April 17, 1985
filling in for Lee Mueller

Los Angeles Times Nissan Grand Prix, Riverside, CA                                                            April 28, 1985

Monterey Triple Crown Camel GTO/GTU, Laguna Seca, CA                                                 May 5, 1985
Purolator Camel GT, Portland, OR                                                                                        July 27, 1987

Camel GT, Sears Point, CA
                                                                                                  August 1, 1987

Xtra Super Food Centers Camel GTU, Miami, FL                                                                  February 28, 1988

Nissan GP of Mid-Ohio Camel GTO/GTU, Lexington, OH                                                      June 5, 1988

Miller High Life Camel GP, Road America, Elkhart Lake, WI                                                  July 17, 1988

Lincoln Mercury Camel GP for GTO/GTU, Sears Point, CA                                                   August 14, 1988

Kodak Copier Camel GTO/GTU, Watkins Glen, NY                                                               September 25, 1988

Turner Construction Camel GTO/GTU, Columbus, OH                                                          October 2, 1988

Camel GP of Southern California, Camel GTU, Del Mar, CA                                                  October 23, 1988